Sponsorship Program

In addition to educating people about reptiles, we also take in reptiles that are in need of a new home for any number of reasons. Since we aren't legally able to adopt these animals out to the public, and since a lot of them come in with health or behavioral problems, they end up becoming a permanent part of the family. A lot of time, care, and money has to go into each new rescue, so in order to keep our doors open to reptiles in need, we are accepting donations that will exclusively help cover the costs of the animals we've taken in.

Enter our new Sponsorship Program, where you can make a small monthly donation ($10) to a rescued reptile(s) of your choice! Each month you donate, you'll receive:

  • An email containing a monthly update on your reptile (sent out on the last day of the month)

  • A photo attachment of your reptile that you can download

  • A shoutout (or tag) in any upcoming posts about your reptile

  • "Dibs" on your reptile for any program you book!*

To sponsor a rescued reptile, simply click the button below, choose the number of months you want your sponsorship to last for, enter the name of the animal you want to sponsor, and make your payment via PayPal! Your help is sincerely appreciated! :)

The Following Reptiles are Available for Sponsorship:
*While you will receive first choice on your sponsored animal for any program you schedule, there is no guarantee that they will be available due to the fact these are living creatures, and their health and ability to travel can change at any given moment. Also, some reptiles may be permanently unable to be used in shows. To make up for this, you will instead be able to have first choice on any other ambassador animal.
**This reptile is unable to travel to programs.