I consider “rescues” to be the taking in of any animal that a) is a surrender that needs a new place to live, b) requires some form of rehabilitation, or c) requires sanctuary from a previously harmful state of living. Please note that I will only take in REPTILES. I am not a veterinarian, so I will not take in sick animals unless they are being completely given up to me. If you have a pet that you want to keep but it is sick, please seek out veterinary care. Also, I am not a registered shelter or adoption center; whatever animals brought to me will stay with me, especially those that require special care. I am always looking for donations (enclosures, lamps, food dishes, totes, etc.), and am almost always open to accepting surrenders, so long as I can properly accommodate the animal. If for any reason I cannot accept your surrender, I will still work with you to find a shelter or sanctuary for your animal.

*UPDATE: We are currently at capacity for housing our reptiles and are unable to take in any rescues/surrenders until further notice! We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and will do our best to help you with your situation. We will make an announcement when we are able to take in rescues and surrenders again. Thank you for understanding.