Educational Programs

My programs are meant to teach herpetology (the science of reptiles and amphibians) to anyone interested in learning about it, regardless of their experience level. That being said, I do tend to cater to older audiences (age 12+) due to the informative nature of my shows. Unlike many animal shows out there, the goals of my programs are to relay valuable information about reptiles to as many people as possible and to inspire more support for their conservation and well-being, NOT to take the place of a party clown or petting zoo. For example, if you or your five-year-old child will be upset if I don’t let them touch a bearded dragon that is visibly stressed from a long car ride, or if I need to cut a show short due to a lack of cooperation on the part of the audience, then this probably isn’t the place for you. However, these programs are highly customizable, where I let the client choose what animals they would like to see as well as the overall theme of their selected program (e.g. a snake only show, a show about genetics, a class on proper reptile husbandry, etc.). Even if you don’t want to book a show but are very interested in learning about a particular species, I am always open for inquiries.