Donations are always welcome at Northeast Reptiles.  It takes a lot to keep all of my reptiles warm, healthy and happy, so any amount of generosity is beyond appreciated. Donation items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Money – Cash, Check, PayPal (Sponsorship Program), GoFundMe (link on home page)

  • Clean, usable enclosures – Terrariums, aquariums, rack systems, plastic tubs, mesh cages, tortoise boxes, display cases

    • Must not be cracked, broken, moldy, or dangerous at all to animals or people

  • Enclosure accessories – Covers, stands, hides, logs, shelves, rocks, fake plants

  • Lighting – Lamps (reptile specific or from hardware store), heating bulbs, UVB bulbs

  • Heating – Mats, tape, cables, thermostats, hygrometer (humidity), space heaters, hand/foot/body warmers

  • Clean, unused, proper substrates – Aspen shavings, coconut fiber, cypress, tiles, reptile carpet, reptile-safe sand, sphagnum moss, newspaper

  • Food/water dishes – does not have to be reptile specific

  • Cleaning supplies – Spray bottles, paper towels, bleach, glass/surface cleaners, sponges, brushes, scrapers, dish soap

  • Food – Fresh/frozen produce (veggies preferred), humanely-sourced dead rodents, live/freeze-dried/canned feeder insects, species-specific foods

  • Health products – Calcium/vitamin powders, mite killer, Neosporin, Q-tips, etc.

  • Tupperware/Plastic containers – Any size (used for transport, quarantine, and humidity boxes)

  • Enrichment toys – Swings, balls, vines, tubes, etc.

  • Towels, blankets, pillow cases

  • Office supplies

  • Hardware – Batteries, screws, power strips, etc.