Northeast Reptiles started with a little girl, a snake, and a lifelong dream…

That little girl was me, Ayla, and ever since I was very young, I always knew that I wanted to build a career off of my favorite animals in the world: snakes! My passion for snakes and other reptiles started when I was just two years old, and as I grew up visiting various zoos, reading multiple scientific books, and watching shows like The Crocodile Hunter, my interest in these animals only intensified. I began keeping reptiles when I acquired my first pet snake—a beautiful corn snake named Pinky—when I was eight years old. It was through her that I began teaching people—mostly family, friends, and classmates—about how underappreciated and underrepresented these sorts of animals are, while her sweet demeanor won the heart of many a skeptic. It was here that I truly discovered my niche.

I graduated from Fitchburg State University with a B.S. in Biology in 2016, where I took as many animal and environmental sciences courses as possible, including a very hands-on herpetology class. During this time, I also worked at a small-scale zoo, volunteered in a local snake population survey, and conducted an independent study on the Effects of Leaf Litter on Eastern Red-backed Salamander Movement. After college I started work doing tree inventory and invasive beetle control, where I began to save up the money to start my dream career as a reptile educator. My very loving and supporting husband, Jeff, even allowed me to open our home to animals in need, and so began my journey to starting an LLC.

With nearly twenty years of both captive and wild herpetology experience, I decided to start up Northeast Reptiles to share my knowledge and love of reptiles and amphibians with as many people as possible. The goal of my lessons is to inspire a respect for a class of animals that is often misunderstood or overlooked when it comes to both the pet industry and the conservation of Earth’s ecosystems. Amphibians and reptiles are beautiful, ancient, and intelligent creatures that deserve a voice in today’s chaotic world, and I am here to speak for them.


Thank you for checking out Northeast Reptiles!

Ayla Sabacinski


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